What is the dvr Digital Video Recorder

When you want to install security cameras for the home or business security cameras first thing is to check what your specific requirements security system . Individuals think that taking huge sums of money on security cameras to network your business or home or any other place you lied .

Not any place to put security cameras zoom expensive and cost performance and special , you can now get by with a low-cost security cameras and achieve the same result expensive cameras give ( it depends on the area ) .

It is obvious security cameras expensive better and have higher performance , but we do not always use the best performance and security cameras they do not correspond to terrain . Primary goal of security cameras is to dominate and give extensive coverage to your space you can see what 's going on around you, so it is possible to adjust camera security has a wide angle will give ample coverage without cost happen but would be more difficult to identify a person because of identifiability and lose focus as the camera is seeing more wider area but lose the focus on an object, just in case the object is close to the camera at a distance of up to 7 meters.

If your region is an area narrower such as driveway, gate, door or any opening not exceeding 3 feet security camera can be used with a fixed zoom her photography area narrower and with a camera that can identify any individual is chief of the area above .

To make the recording of information were caught on camera There are currently three types of shelters :


This device is used recorder information security cameras and keeps all the information (video ) on the charging hard disk . These devices are specifically designed to get the information from the surveillance cameras optimally high quality and most devices 264H new today come compression of the search options now are very friendly and ease user most devices come with a mouse so it gives us more options and a wide range of potential just like a computer. Also, a DVD player R come with network and can connect from anywhere in the world. View high quality security cameras almost no attenuation and a wide range of potential .


Computer -based Security card .

Security card can be connected to your home computer when running save and tickets adapted according to X and now adapted Loweindos seven cards with user friendly software and Bribwei languages ​​such as Hebrew , English, French, Russian, and more ….

System receives the information from the cameras and converts them to video in your computer. There are all kinds tickets cheap tickets are a few frames per second and limit entry amount camera card can hold ,
And expensive that can reach thousands of dollars with a particularly high amount of frames and a lot of entries of cameras, these cards require a more powerful computer system and professional . Of course, a language we can control our budget are choosing a computer system and exploiting existing home or business , as well as to increase and upgrade the system at a rate and your financial ability

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