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Hugh T. If communication Web Service This type of site

Web tries not to involve human dimension

The basic idea on Web Services is to change the focus from
Individual Web or Internet-connected devices to the systems of computers, devices
And services work together to provide comprehensive solutions and richer.
Change the Internet

This data is displayed will now become information -rich HTML Bar – XML language programming . Use
XML allows various websites to communicate and distribute information to be passed between them
Smart devices . This will allow the user (whether a customer is home , small business or a huge company )
Use those applications and uniform information with on a variety of devices – cell phone , TV,
PDA, a flat or a PC, instantly and at any time.
At the same time , developers
Applications will be required to write the application once and is able to run on all platforms .

Importance of the Web Services and – XML

Websites are designed basically to share information and allow interaction
Between man and organization for example a news site you can see the headlines now . This is an example
Exchange of information – you make a request and receive the data. Over the years we have seen sites capable of
Carry a higher level of interaction as shopping sites or sites exchanging shares.
Service This type of website that tries not to involve human dimension . If, for example , an organization
User specific information site that displays the status of the stock market . Instead of browsing to a particular page
And look for the price of a stock, a section of the program do it for you.

The problem today is that Internet explicitly by members – human , that is ,
That a program is difficult to understand the information on web pages . It’s pretty trivial to write a program that removes
Web page computer memory , if known page reports the status of the stock , it will be easy
Catch data . But the information is clearly not the computer , because if , for example, will change
Desired page format , the software captures the information stick . Why should a website be designed
Specifically to provide information in a suitable program. For example , a site may decide to provide
Status of shares in the form of a web page with simple text , and instead seek HTML tag
Tells the browser how to display the status of shareholders in a convenient way for reading and browsing , the software can
Simply read this information .

The advantage of the architecture of the Web Services, is
It allows programs written in different languages ​​and on different platforms to communicate with each other
Simple standardized manner using on XML data encoding and – HTTP protocol
Transfer of information .

Web Service can simulate black box in the ” client” can
Used again and again without worrying about how the service is implemented. Software johns ” in this case , can
Be software “Windows” or server software that runs Internet services , such as ASP, APPLET runs on
Browser UNIX and the like.

Designation of the Web Service is to provide a procedure call interface
Remote (RPC – Remote Procedure Call ) for software “client” class functions to be called ,
That are on the server side . The idea is that in order to create a Web Service creates a server-side
Department functions with the parameters I / O standard and can be circulated note
Internet. Web Services are designed to expose functionality to other software server when
This functionality is exposed to customers in the form of a message or a message that the Web Service receives as input.

As long into which the client has support for SOAP protocol ( Simple
Object Access Protocol) , it can invoke a remote Web Service and get the information
Needed . To SOAP important part of the process, because it is the protocol responsible to direct the messages of the RPC
From client to server and return the answer to the customer’s application .

SOAP is based on XML and is relatively simple to implement .

Web Services provide a mechanism to record the message that – Web
Service receives and generates , in order to provide developers a convenient way to communicate with
The Web Services.
Documentation is provided as an XML document called WSDL (Web Services Description Language) .

There is also a UDDI interface provides a guide to WebServices based
XML , and thus allows to find businesses that offer these services. UDDI is a process

Under way at the counter than from 200 organizations

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