Hugh T. If communication technology under Microsoft Hdotnt

Ten years ago , when most of the information sent by fax and few heard
Web Hhdoar -mail , Microsoft released the vision of a world of information at the fingertips .

According to Microsoft, Microsoft.Net platform will bring a revolution in computing
And the media during the first decade of the century – 21 , as the first platform
You take full advantage of both of these areas .

Microsoft.Net supposed to make computing and communication processes easier and simpler , a new generation of Web services and allow tens of thousands of software developers to create an unusual type of online business services – XML Web Services.

We remind you that 20 years ago only access to computers was the preserve of the few.
The emergence of the personal computer and software including Microsoft Windows
With a friendly graphical interface generated tremendous change . Computing technology has become a thing of the masses
Computer and consumer product significant. Organizations realized that the networks and servers based on
PC will be able to change the nature of their business processes , while among consumers scored
Computer to replace equipment as part of a separate attempts to persuade him home .
Then came the Internet.

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate , was a new source of information and entertainment resources and e-commerce enabled .
Despite these innovations , there are problems that require treatment such as browser
The Internet allows you to browse the information easily , but tasks such as editing, analysis or information handling Way
Otherwise are made . In addition, customization involves the delivery and exposure of personal information
Any site that you are visiting . You must adapt to technology, instead it will adjust itself
To you. The problems are growing much if the user uses some personal computers or portable computer . So that
Get information online , email, offline files and other data , we are required
Pass through many interfaces ( often not compatible computer we’re working on ) , access levels
Different data and synchronization problems arising from fragmented of all the information we need.

Vision of ” personal information space ” adapts itself to the needs of the user remains
A dream. Web developers must deal with limited tools to construction, testing
And deployment sites. Today there is no method to write code for the PC and run it in a variety of
Devices. Enterprise users encounter additional issues . Appearance of increased farm
Computing reliability by eliminating single points of failure , but has made the task management system
More complex.

Is this what we can aspire to ? All believe that the Internet
Will continue to evolve , but this development will contribute to real empowerment of developers , businesses and consumers ,
Require new and revolutionary vision . Microsoft aims to set this vision and provide the technology that accomplishes
It into practice.

Announcement of the initiative – . Net

Solemn declaration , held at Microsoft in Seattle , USA,
Revealed the company’s chairman , Bill Gates the new initiative to make the Internet a source of information available
Any time , any place and on various devices . Name of Initiative : Microsoft.Net

The basic idea of the Microsoft.Net is shift the focus to individual Web sites or Internet-connected devices to the systems of computers, devices and services work together to provide comprehensive solutions and richer.

This will allow us to control the type of information , in the manner and at the time it reaches us.

Computers, devices and services will be able to share information between them,
On – to provide rich services , rather than being isolated islands whose only connection between them is done
User – . This vision extends the scope of personal empowerment that enabled the first personal computer
In the eighties. In a speech Bill Gates noted that the transition to the. Net same milieu
DOS environment “Windows” graphic . Microsoft.Net should help motivate the change online,
HTML presentation of this data -rich information bar – XML language programming . The use of XML allows for
Various Internet to communicate and distribute information to be passed between sophisticated devices .

Whether sitting at a desk with a PC and the wireless device if using the area , people should have access to information they need, as soon as they need it .

According to Microsoft, it should become possible by developers who use Microsoft’s platform – . Net – to build rich applications that allow to combine the Windows operating system and the Internet.

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