Planning alarm

Hugh T. If communication installation home alarm system protects your property from thieves when
Thief sees the house has an alarm system , he gives up and taken to another time hacking system detects
The intruder with the help of components Alktonim shown by traffic and then turned on the powerful sirens
While dialing to authorized subscribers and predetermined announcing the activation system
Alarm , many places Mthbrm local centers maintaining their arrival to the apartment during the event

Wireless alarm system is the most advanced alarm systems that can be assembled at home or in business who want Bmigonm . Such a system differs from the standard that is used by electric wires and wiring do not need it in advance. All regular wired alarm system almost can operate wirelessly.

How does the UTM communication wireless system ?

Wireless alarm systems operate by sensors and detectors are connected to the electronic controller
Which warns and calls , depending on the programming , to factors that will take care of the break . Unlike an alarm system
Standard, used electrical wires electric current Low to connect the detectors to the controller
Main wireless system connection is made using radio frequencies , like radio frequency
Sellers , but at different frequencies than those used in entertainment . Position controller to activate a loud siren ,
Often accompanied by strong shimmering flash and contact the aforesaid factors to know about
The event – as the focus of security , police , and of course – the homeowners.

Alarm systems such as alarm systems wired ( powered electrical wires ) transactions made
Using the same detectors. The detectors use infrared rays or other to detect
Burglaries. Motion detectors are internal or external invasion explorers with temperature changes
Area which is sent to the fund. Additional sensors and detectors are internal or external curtain holder
Wide beam light beam on the windows and doors of the house , inside or out . Lead by my husband
Home can move around the house freely while the alarm is triggered .

Which cases install a wireless alarm system ?

Private homes and businesses prefer to install wireless alarm systems where no preparations were made to the electrical system of your home or business transfer wires in the electrical pipe walls when you want to dig in the walls to install it , or when you want to avoid yarns are visible on the walls.

Which cases will not install a wireless system ?

Almost all standard wired alarm system can be installed as a wireless alarm except the use of active detector . Active detector detector which is one element which emits infrared beam to the component
Two who ” ingests ” it. Once breaks interrupt the Fund will be activated alarm. Detector
Mounted on the windows from the outside, and can not be put together such alarm system wireless connection .

Alarm systems are now an integral part of the design of our home. These systems constitute a defense in front peripheral burglars who want to penetrate our territory , our house and alert us of any intrusion event ,
Distress or injury occurring at home.

When we want to plan revenues to and select one of the service providers, professionals , home alarm system we must do it wisely all the details and future planning . First, we must think about whether we want a wired alarm system , or we want a wireless alarm system . This means that ,
Wired alarm system requires the preparation of infrastructure ( pipes in the walls ) for all system accessories
Contains ( detectors , keypads , phone line etc.). Wireless alarm system does not require preparation
Early infrastructure and allows installation accessories anywhere in the home without wires .

Before making the preparation of appropriate infrastructure , with plans to have a sit home and think about where we want to place the control panel of the system, the detectors and keypads in the most efficient, cost-effective and in such a way that we be given maximum protection is desirable. After Hickman plan the location of all the accessories of the alarm system , we will
The program electrician / one of our alarms ( still in construction ) for laying the groundwork .

In cases where you can not make the preparation of appropriate infrastructure such as homes already built, this is the place to combine wireless alarm systems . These systems are , let alone the no infrastructure because there is no need for wiring and all its accessories are completely wireless . There are only two things that require wiring and home phone line that connects to the system
( Its dialer ) and power supply system that connects to the power grid for your home.

Alarm system components and accessories
Topics :

Control Panel – Control Panel is the brain
Of the entire system. Darrell will include all line telephone dialer connects to your home phone line
And when a particular event occurs , it takes Reporting directly to the phone Valery entered the system.

Internal siren – wired systems , internal siren is an accessory that comes with the control panel and purchased separately . Wireless alarm systems , siren is a siren built into the control panel.

Siren Outdoor – Outdoor Siren is an important accessory and is the link between the home and the world outside the home during burglary.
Siren warning power for burglary and worried that passersby and neighbors will not remain indifferent to what is happening
Both day and night.

Keyboard / Kibord – wired system , the keypad is the link between the user and the system’s control panel through which you can perform all the programming needed to adapt the system to the needs of the house. Where you can also enable and disable the system. Wireless alarm systems , there is a built-in keyboard on the tablet
Control , so the programming system is done directly from the control panel , there are wireless keyboards
Also allow programming and operation of the remote system .

Motion detectors – Motion detectors can come in wired or wireless . Detector ” throw ” the volume in the room, usually a distance of 12 meters at 90 Olat so that anyone approaching this range activates the detector.

Curtain Detector – is just that . Install it parallel to the window and he ” throws ” a fund which is kind of a virtual curtain .
This sensor enables to freely move around the house without getting caught on the detector unless you move closer to the window.

Detector Magnet – Magnet detectors typically installed doors (entrance front or rear exit ) of the house. When you open the door there is a disconnection of the magnet transmitter alarm system . Personally, and from experience, I do not recommend installing detectors
Magnet windows for two reasons : first , if the burglar decides he wants to break the glass
Window , the detector is not really any warning from him, and when breaking the window, not alert . II ,
If our window is a sliding window biplane , then it is necessary to both detector magnet.

Exterior curtain detector new wireless max is a unique solution for private homes which are needed to protect the house with a perimeter alarm system and external detectors but not made ​​of suitable infrastructure . Many homeowners
Wish to increase their old alarm system to one that will include External Curtain Detector
Small and aesthetic , but are limited because of the old infrastructure or appropriate .

Is a small, niche enters the window and protects the window range of 2 * 2 meters sharp ” infrared detector and a microwave detector . Despite being wireless detectors , wireless detectors outer curtain can connect a maximum of only shelter
Maximum wireless detectors . While the receiver itself can connect wired alarm system –
PIMA ‘s like – there are enough areas available to accommodate the amount of exterior curtain detectors want to add. Therefore , make sure you have an alarm system that exists today is not completely full , or there is a possibility to add an expansion card to increase the amount of available regions .

Protection by an external detector Wireless Curtain , relative to protection by external volume wireless detector , giving full freedom of movement in the yard and that the appropriate mode Sabbath- houses , where there is a desire to walk around the yard after the Sabbath or holiday
Without activating the alarm , on the one hand , and to be protected externally on Friday night on the other.
It is not possible for Shabbat observers when it comes to protecting perimeter by external volume detector landline or wireless.

Development of a wireless receiver detectors max lets get unique reporting alarm system
For each wireless detector separately. Today, when you can add to the alarm card SMS sending text message detailing which detector activated the alarm ( ” alarms, smoke detectors, Room Two ,” ” alarm detector exterior curtain , showcases living ” ) is crucial that knowledge and we behave differently when we receive reports the external detector
Set off or when we receive a report on the smoke detector . Receiver wireless detectors
And maximum gives each separate area wireless detector alarm system , and you have to consider each detector Curtain
Wireless External behaves like any other detectors connected to a wired alarm .

Exterior curtain detector wireless sensors max contains a number of false alarms within prevention on the one hand and preventing damage on the other.
In case the thief tries to open the delicate curtain detector when the alarm system is triggered , the alarm will activate the siren and call phones. In case the thief would smash the detector or cut the cord of his command , as well. Thieves
Know it and Rabbi refrain from acts that could trigger the alarm to attract attention . So they
Prefer to look for another window , easy way to know her rooms . If you have an alarm system with detectors
External – volume or curtain – protects all vents outside the house , presumably the thief see it
More from the road or in the yard and look for less protected breached .

Hugh T. If the external volume detectors communication
Sample MX- 100 is the definitive answer external volume detector
Installed at low elevations in the range of 1:00 to 1:50 m . The MX- 100 was released recently ( in May 2010) by a maximum , which is now
The largest and most widespread in the country outside the detector volume and external curtain detector .

The MX- 100 contains two infrared detectors that show movement by changes in temperature
Produced by the heat emitted from the human body , a microwave detector , revealing traffic according to the method
Doppler , and sensor activates the alarm Antimsk
When the thief tries to block it by a towel or cap , not realizing his discovery range .

Because sensors Hantimsk , has become a
Maximum that all insurance companies recommend installing detectors when it comes to insurance policies
Expensive private homes or when it comes to industrial plants .

This external volume detector as the detector volume is part of the outer defense concept Peripheral around
To preventing the break because the thief sees the detector and punching well below the alarm before
Entered the house. So, if the whole house is surrounded by a detector volume or external curtain would prefer thief break
To less protected.

Perception of different perimeter protection systems
Old house alarm detector volume including internal and magnetic switches
Only, thus only internal alarm alert only after the thief has been in the house , then aged
Home to deal with.

Overwhelmingly ignoring each detector volume
External birds , cats and dogs up to medium size , but if you have a big dog in the yard
( Doberman , Snbernnd Danny ) perimeter protection plan recommended by the external curtain detector . Every
Case has a plan for the placement of detectors each window separately , and not just sweeping plan volume detector
External entire house or just outside curtain detector . Both because of cost considerations and because
Security considerations .

Many private homes with builders
I met to give a quote for alarm , intercom and security cameras, start the conversation
In the ” I do not want any internal detectors , external only ” , and I fish
And explains the benefits of an external volume detector front exterior curtain detector and reversed most of them
Want to install external curtain detectors only, because they are small and the aesthetic .

Recently released market a maximum external volume sample detector Outlook is a bit steals
Motion detectors outside play sample Guard qualitative and common (even the maximum) because it is small
Designed in an innovative way , with respect to any other external volume detector on the market . Still, a long with
Houses prefer external curtain detector .

There are many advantages exterior curtain detector over each detector volume. First is a short narrow
And can be installed in a window niche , it does not control the building line ( zero line ) . Beyond that , he
More absolute thief can not make himself a cat to avoid the horns lower as
Can do in the face detector volume. Please note the thief had good be very difficult to impossible to even break
Electric blinds and window at the height of 30 cm from the ground , so I always recommend the detector
External volume where you can install it without fear of alarms
False because of vegetation nearest pawnshop window, for example.

Hugh T. If the communication

In general, I tend to adjust the detector to develop, window, furniture design of the extension
It will protect the detector and the lifestyle of the occupants.

If customers want to be protected breakthroughs of Derry bedroom windows and still
Sleep with the window open, exterior curtain detector will be the ideal solution. Another option case
This is the design of active detectors ( detectors Fund ) consisting of two units : one sends two rays
Laser minutes and the other receives them. When the unit receives ceases to have the two beams
Because something is going between the two units , alarm system activated . The advantage of this option is
Low price. Active detector sends rays trouble minimum distance of 10 meters. When
And windows with defending not high , say 70 cm , then , installing the detector center
Window will make it very log over the Fund or below without running the alarm. Since I plan to
Only active detector windows and upper floors , ground floor, this option can reduce the
Viability of the thief to break those windows to zero .

The disadvantage of this option is that in recent years many houses of the high windows installed
Up to 2.40 meters – lined bottom to the side top – and to protect those windows
Using active detectors are needed in three – four pairs of detectors with 6-8 power points . It
Would be very expensive and very ugly to see 6-8 such large bumps on the outer wall of the house.

Therefore, when large windows in upper stories I would recommend only curtain detectors each window
Or two , depending on the distance between them, the maximum range of the detector external curtain of maximum is
4 meters forward and 2 feet down at an angle of 90 degrees.

Importantly, if this is the height of the windows are 6 feet above the ground , and no Pergola
Between floors can be the basis for a thief to break into your home comfortably , are likely to have very
Low thief decides to make an impossible task just to break into your home and endanger anonymous
His height of 6 feet. With all the credit you give thieves , if they have no reason to break
Specific to your home , they will look for the easiest house to break it. So if your home
Surrounded by external detectors , volume or curtain , or you raise the yard gang rottweilers ,
Presumably the thief chooses another house break him.

UTM Communications

Homes where family members are Sabbath observers and they want the alarm system to protect them even when they
Around the yard on Saturday morning , exterior curtain detectors in every window on the ground floor is the option
The only relevant for them. Even when there is ten prevents the entry of neighbors or salespeople compound
Yard , you can not install an external volume detector alarm yard without worrying catch the visitor
Innocent and qualify the sirens . These cases will be designed external Lyon detectors on the ground floor , and in accordance
Location pergolas and garages also upstairs windows .

Finally released the beautiful little Outlook , which
In fact the strong external volume detector and the current most innovative Israeli market . Design
Modern and fun compared to his competitors detector makes it the hottest external volume today .

A maximum , which is the largest company in the country
Detector volume and external curtain , exterior volume detector developed every person knows meme community work
With a drill, can be installed easily and quickly.

Detector arm connects to the wall with a small , flexible , and
His adjustments are done by remote with digital display , just like tuning your
Air conditioner.

Outlook contains many sensors might not have been in
Such as :

One . Sensor shock – the thief tries to crush the detector ,
The alarm will be activated .

Two . Sensor sliding – because motion sensors installed outside
On the arm , can the thief – as he stands behind the detector – to try to shift the detector angle not
Disturb him break into the house . Sliding sensor activates the alarm when an attempt was made like that.

Three . Sensor animals – all external volume detector ignores
Animals below a certain level (Elephant House offered can be a problem .. ) , Outlook has
Pat sensor ( Pet ) adjustable according
Size pet located in the yard . By default detector would not catch a cat traveling in the land.

Four . Antimsk with Timer – all external volume from the detector
Max contains Hantimsk feature prevents a situation where you can throw a towel on the detector and blind
It from the yard . This is also true from painting by spray paint or mud . Since
And each detector volume work on infrared technology , masking should not trigger the alarm.
For this feature Hantimsk , required by insurance companies when it comes to protecting enterprises.
Maximum developed feature detectors Hantimsk also for home and turned them into mainstream
Private homes last seven years.

Hantimsk timer feature is designed to prevent false alarms in case upstart covered several
Seconds the detector. Installing the detector can aim with the remote the maximum number of seconds
Allowed the detector to be covered before the siren will be activated .

Generally, Outlook contains an infrared detector ,
Identifies motion by the heat of the moving person ‘s detection area . Detector external volume is
Ignoring hot or cold winds strong , durable and waterproof sun, but in the case of snow , clean
The lens does have Hantimsk activate the alarm.

When it comes to private home is under construction and it
Time to close a deal on an alarm system , we usually plan a perimeter alarm system based on
Motion detectors or detectors external curtain detectors on the ground floor and basic internal volume
Required by insurance companies ( living room, kitchen , bedroom , hallway ) .

Hugh T. If the communication

The question is : how to protect the openings on the top floor ?
After all , if the external volume detector designed downstairs , no thief can place yard
Ladder to get parked on the top floor without motion sensors on the bottom floor will absorb the
Movement and trigger the alarm. But there are cases where a pergola located in one or more of me
Home and ladder access to the location it has no protection status of the detector external volume . For example, yard
Neighbor or standing close to one of the trees in the yard.

In this mode, an alarm system must be designed with detectors
External give peace of mind to parents and children who know they are fully protected when they
Go to sleep .

To do so , there are several options to choose quality and Roolntiot :

One . While there pergola under the windows , you can install an external volume sample detector or Bush Guard
( We recommend Detector Guard of a maximum because it is better quality and cheaper than that
Made in Israel and China ) . External volume detectors will cover an area of ​​about five meters at an angle of fifty
Degrees and will take up a large area on the trellis under both windows. The advantage of the detector volume
Exterior is absorbing the thief when he went for trellis before approaching any window .
Disadvantage of this solution is hardly reach the detector in terms of access after it was installed , when needed
Direct range or angle and esthetically because Gly external volume is striking and the term
To adjust the arm . Some see any advantage that the thief sees immediately that the detector and from the
Here will not be able to break into the house without having discovered sooner . In terms of price this option means and the

Two . While the windows on one side of the house located on the same
Plane , ie no any protrusion sons there is no window in a prominent position from the rest of the windows,
You can protect all the windows using active detectors , better known detectors Foundation. Detector
Active, consists of two units : one sends two horns and the other receives them. When two
Horns cut off at the same time the alarm is triggered .

Unlike any other motion sensors or existing curtain in alarm systems, this detector is
Activates the alarm when it detects a change in temperature, but when they cover the foundation, no matter
What is the reason the other hand , consider that the windows first floor house or ground floor,
This location no unexpected interference that may cause false alarms . Disadvantage of this solution ,
He protects all active detector area it only covers two thin laser beams . When
And pergola under the pardon and the thief can stand on a solid surface , there is no difficulty to know what range
Dangerous and can switch off and break in without turning the alarm. Benefits of the solution
This is the cheapest price .

This is the cheapest solution which can be used to protect the windows. When the windows are at an altitude of
Feet , position detectors fund half the window pretty prevents the rooms. When the windows are high
1.50 For example, the detector does not prevent hacking . On the other hand , if the house is protected at all lower floor
And the only way to break it is the flexibility and extreme caution by using a ladder to reach
Upstairs window , there is a low probability that the thief would decide to actually break
To it , and more likely to look for a house easier to break . Another disadvantage of this option is

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