Thefts from businesses becomes cruelty every day and unfortunately cause damage, while high business losses that can reach up to about 5 percent of business turnover. Against this worrying phenomenon, as now every business big or small are looking for a professional, effective and attractive.

Did you know? About 50% of the thefts are carried out by employees, about 30% by customers and others by the suppliers, mistakes, etc.. According to the study. Epic, most thefts are by employees, most thefts are caught customers.

As business owners we feel on a daily basis the need for security cameras business, if an employee who is not one hundred percent trust him, or if we want to see remote access exactly what is happening in our business at any time – by security cameras,
And in any other case where we need eyes in the factory business in other rooms or in any other environment.

"Korets security cameras" specializes in security solutions for businesses large, medium and small.

We'll give you advice and service to the highest professional level in all parts of the country.

Security systems Korets clear benefits for business improvement and control of the business owner substantive issues, including:

* View vandalism that allows systematic treatment, fast and focused.

* View and track theft of employees and customers.

* View and control suppliers, employees and warehouse.

Only Koretz cameras will get:

* Superior level of service and working with a professional one.

* Individual counseling for any business by space requirements, in order to adjust for the appropriate system and paid for.

The company's goal to help its clients and offer solutions, provide an assessment of the budget and the time required to implement and design.

The company strives especially high level of performance.

For this working method is based on the existence of ongoing contact between the company and client representatives at all levels are required.

This approach ensures troubleshooting and absolute match the specific needs of the customer.

Some background on the cameras:

First. Hidden cameras – not knowing where the camera is placed makes sense that you, the business owner in control.
Two. Postcards cameras – increased deterrence – anyone who walks in knows he filmed.
Three. Infrared Cameras – day and night vision, color.
Four. Smart cameras – with sensors and sensitivity so you can set the sensitive areas, such as the most important area of ​​the store is the cash drawer or door lock. Once configured, this option whenever someone opens or close the door or cash register, there is the option of taking a picture / recording / alarm and more.
Five. System scheduled – you can set the hours of operation of ordinary business, for example, the system will know between 9 am to 7 pm all the people in the business are happy and do not need to notice, but from 7 pm to the next every move business is taken, will be recorded and will be documented and the system will alert by a number of options such as sending a photo by email, alarm and more.
Every business needs and different requirements from the system, so we reach to you free advice to business and adapt the system according to your business needs, size (deployment of cameras) and budget.
After installation, you can stay anywhere abroad as well, and still control all the little details in the business. Cameras you can view from any computer connected to the Internet, without the need for expensive and complicated equipment see live and recorded from your business.
System is simple to use, but advanced encrypted security system is high, so that only a user name and password will be allowed to enter the system.

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