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AP cameras do not need a computer and do not have a DVD R onto the camera has the option to connect to the LAN and view the events from the world of course these cameras are significant differences in prices.

Information travels these cameras is recorded over the network and remote computer by software . Extent that we have only one camera , and we want to save the cost of the computer and the DVD R that's left to do is order a web site with a router .

No matter what security system we will use should pay attention to choose the system that works for us and give us the maximum response without any unnecessary expenses with an option for remote viewing . There are people who have bought a lot of times you buy security systems that correspond to them not in terms of budget and terms of use.

Phone recommendation

Supported IP cameras mostly on – iPhone app hands NetCamViewer this application supports





D -Link




Level One





Sharx Security




How do I connect Camera DCS -920 wireless network ?


One . Has open a browser and enter the interface of the camera at the camera.
( To know the address of the camera software has Lhistms D -link Setup
Wizard ) .

Second . , Click on Setup and choose the top Wireless Setup on the left.

Three . Has put a point on the Enable confirm that Infastructure is selected and click
The Site Survey .
We realize that the camera network list range.

Select the network to which we want to connect the camera.
Note Encryption column . This security method in which a secure wireless network to which we connect the camera.
Later we will need this figure .
In our example : we connect the network camera DAP- 1353 and the security method is WPA- PSK .

After we chose the network pressed the Select.

Four . At the Wireless Security Mode We selected the appropriate security method .
In our case, WPA -PSK is selected because the previous window we saw that security is WPA- PSK .
Of course if your wireless network security is WEP WEP is selected .

Five . Has to register the wireless network password and click Save Settings .

Six . After saving the settings can disconnect the network cable from the camera .

How to define a network camera ? (DCS-910/DCS-920, DCS-2102/DCS-2121)


After you finish installing the hardware has put the CD is packaged camera into the CD drive of the computer connected to the network . Then we get the following screen :

Press the Setup Wizard as highlighted in the image to install
Identification and definition camera called D -Link Setup
Wizard SE . We get the following screens of the software installation :

After you finish installing the software icon D -Link Setup Wizard SE will appear on your desktop :

Now in order to identify the camera network , access it and set it will use the D -Link software
Setup Wizard SE with double-clicking on its icon on the desktop. Operation software
Will search your network cameras which may take anywhere from a few seconds per minute and end of the process we
The next screen of the details of the camera (or cameras if more than one ) that was found on the network.
The details of the camera include camera model , IP address and MAC address of the camera as it appears in the following picture.

On pressing the button above the Wizard as highlighted in the image above to get setup
Primacy of the camera.
We get the following screens of the wizard camera settings :

Wait until the camera will reboot then again we get to the following screen :

And now pressed Link to connect the camera screen as highlighted above. We get the following screen of entering the camera :

User name field we write admin and clicked on OK as highlighted on the screen above. The Field
Password should be left blank.

We get the following screen :

Now we denote Java as highlighted on the screen above to watch the video of the camera.

More advanced settings you can browse the full user manual located on the CD of the camera.

Important !

To view the camera from a remote site via the Internet , set port forwarding on your router connects to the internal network is connected to the camera and the Internet.

The following are examples define D300 router ports divert the D -Link :

Sign router

Open a browser (Internet Explorer , Mozilla , Netscape ) , and browse to the address

We get a window of a user name and password at the entrance to the router
User name is admin and the password window should be left empty at the end is pressed
The Log In and enter router

After we redirect pressed " Advanced "
Top and then the " Port Forwarding " on the left side as in the picture
Below and we will get the following screen :

We'll put the camera's IP address on the internal network and CBS turning to the camera port . CBS port turnaround in our example is 80

You can also reference an arbitrary name ( in our example the name is ( Camera and denote V on the left to start the reference, as it appears in the picture below . Late process pressed " Save Settings" .

After we set up port forwarding , we can see the video of the camera from a remote site via the Internet by entering the external IP address that the router receives ISPs SS plus a colon and port turnaround (in our case – 80 .) This inscription can be seen in the page – STATUS of
Router .

If you have a camera or cameras Brsotino more , we'll add a reference to each of the cameras have certain page the router's Port Forwarding with each of the cameras is directed by another port . Means that if the camera is directed by first port 80 , then the second should be fixed on by " the SS Fort else, eg
81 .

To change the HTTP
Port of the camera, enter its interface , press SETUP -up then the Network Setup on the left side as in the picture
Below :

Here we denote Enable near Second HTTP Port and line
Port SS Number , get the desired port , which must be changed every camera and camera on our network .
Now back to the definition of the router and will make the referral for a second camera :

As you can see in the picture above each camera we created her own .

Now we can see the the video of each of the cameras from a remote site via the Internet by entering the external IP address that the router receives ISPs SS plus a colon and port turnaround .

This address can be viewed in the STATUS page of the router .

For example, if our external IP address that the router received ISPs is , we can see one of the cameras
Our ( Camera A chart above) by entering web browser and the second camera ( a camera in the chart above) we can see by the rainbow .

Comment :

If your router is not manufactured by D -Link , please contact technical support router manufacturer for instructions correspond to divert information that a router.

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