Internet Dangers The Internet is an especially useful tool for us , both useful and socially . Today, so many people use the Internet everyday , and benefit from the information and the options it provides them . At the same time the greatest benefits of the Internet, the network also contains very great dangers . Online dangers relate to everyone, but in most cases it is customary to speak of the dangers lurking on the Web specifically for children . Why children? Children by nature are innocent , they tend to rely on other people to interpret things smooth . As such, they might get different network temptations , be careful not to know different hazards , easily exposed to content unsuitable for their age , and the like. Therefore, the warnings about the dangers of the Internet are reinforced when it comes to children . It is very important to educate children surfing habits are correct , and keep track of their habits and after abnormal behaviors in order to prevent serious damages that may occur throughout the network . Online Dangers – What ? Online dangers are many and varied , and was here just a few: Exposure to inappropriate content – on the internet there is no oversight, which requires that children and adults may be exposed to information and images that are not appropriate for their age, and inappropriate decent people at all. Such content may be , for example, pornographic contents of various types , ranging from texts , to photos to movies ; Illegal content , such as encouragement and guidance for the use of soft drugs and hard training, weapons production , and more. Bullying and extortion – often kids surf forums and chats , often also private rooms where the talks are not visible . In such cases, cyberbullying may entice the child some personal information about himself, and then squeeze it different threats and get him to perform various serious . Also humiliation by the other children are very common on the Web , and can cause severe damage . Sexual abuse – many of Internet criminals might entice children to talk and then meet, which can lead to sexual abuse , and even different cases of deaths , again. Gambling – gambling by minors are illegal , but the network can all be . Children may drift gambling and use the credit card for this purpose parents .

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