I understand that the information on the internet moves from state to state through the optical fiber under the sea ( surprising discovery ! ) , So how is it to a person not trying to cause harm. For example , if the optical fiber is Israel going through the Mediterranean, what enemies (and enemies ) will not hurt the cable ? Thank you. 23:30 , 5 August 2010 ( IDT ) a newspaper recently wrote something on it .

First of all these connections and shared a number of countries which would harm the Internet connections of neighboring countries to Israel. Second of all, their main cable and Israel are considered strategic assets and their security should be adjusted accordingly. You can find similar infrastructure already operational in a long time and one may wonder about them equally , for example EAPC . Yossi • Talk 07:50 , 5 August 2010 ( IDT ) interesting.

But EAPC found in our area . We have the ability to protect it , or try to protect him. , But cable internet in international waters . , And another question , I always thought that the internet works on satellites. Could have once been like that ? Because the wiki , about the satellite , not Specified use the Internet ?
The answer is that it is relatively difficult to locate underwater cable and damage it , as well as the cable that connects to Israel Med Nautilus is double, ie it is necessary to hit two places at once to disconnect it . If we hit two cables a real problem that can not be communication abroad for a period of at least a week . Protection is about the facilities in the country , there is no way to protect underwater cables , when the length of the hundreds and thousands of miles . Cord "our" is unique not common to neighboring countries (except Cyprus) for political reasons , and it prevents the protection expected because of the partnership. Similarly, in the Sinai Peninsula is undergoing an extensive network of cables regional engagement of India and the Far East to Europe, but for political reasons , Israel is not connected to it. nat – the – Talk 15:00 , 5 August 2010 ( IDT ) is not so simple to harm such a cable . you 'll find the location and you will acquire a submarine that can reach deep enough , may reach thousands of meters. Marko • Talk 15:15 , 5 August 2010 ( IDT ) on the other , was such a case two years ago near here en: 2008 submarine cable disruption, which left Egypt cut off from Europe. Though Egypt has a connection to both directions , so that the Egyptian media in Europe and the United States went through the Far East. we do not have the Hfriblgy that if an incident happens that We connected on only one side . nat – the Talk 16:21 , 5 August 2010 ( EDT ) I read the "Mad Nautilus " and saw that Lebanon is not connected to political reasons ( that Israel Mohbrt , Ganon ! ) . So how does the Internet exists in Lebanon ? And user "Marco " , I can arrange diving , but there are many factors that can very well organized . You'd be surprised . , 5 August 2010 ( IDT ) never attended or read the minutes of a meeting strategic terrorist organization , but somehow I think relations between cost – benefit , six – seven Grad missiles being driven Jeep and shoot from the dunes of the Sinai give more consideration high petro – dollar than a submarine and means of detection of an optical fiber sub – Mimi. Joseph • Talk 12:28 , 6 August 2010 ( IDT ) in the eastern Mediterranean there are other cables , see category en : Category : Submarine communications cables in the Mediterranean Sea . Joseph , in terms of PR Grads > cutting cables, in terms of real damage , cutting cables >>>>>> Grads . Nat – the Talk 12:40 , 6 August 2010 ( EDT ) I believe this is it, terrorism is clearly aimed at public relations and public opinion . Causing direct economic losses of terrorism are just a " bonus " in terms of terrorism. Joseph • Talk 09:23 , 7 August 2010 ( IDT )
We are not aware of the importance of these cables ! Assuming they can cause damage to cables your attitude " cost – benefit " worth it . 23:41 , 6 August 2010 ( IDT )

Please note that this is not what a phone cord , but the cord has a diameter of over one meter (see roughly cut undersea cable – days ) , consisting of many layers , some of which may mesh . So in order to harm him has run powerful means . The cable also well camouflaged on the ground and not " hanging" down there. Ranbar – Talk 18:49 , 7 August 2010 ( IDT )

Our enemies do not cut us from the internet but themselves because they appreciate the striking ability of Internet content rather than the benefit of such content . For the same reason they are forcing their wives to go in sleeping bags and on our wives . Freedom is a curse for them. Curse are happy that " lies " about us. Would not be surprised to find out that a team of divers what – HHI underground deals specifically repairing our internet connection . Ido ( Eddau ) Help improve the accessibility of Wikipedia , see Wikipedia : Accessibility 12:53 , 7 August 2010 ( IDT )

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