Connecting focus ?

Connection center …. Yes or

Today most businesses and some
Private houses are required to connect center jobs . The goal is clear: insurance companies are interested in
Makes independent monitoring occupying position 24 hours a day will get indications terminals and navigate
Rangers at the secure object .

The problem starts with the team manning the
Positions , the mobile team comes to the object and powers by law and the credibility of the installed equipment
Both side of the object and the side of the focal company provides the service.

Staff manning the control positions :
Normally these are college students who earn the minimum wage . Large staff turnover when the level
Understanding of the relatively low staff regarding professional analysis appears on Msofihm as well as reaction
Events. Unfortunately quite a few installations are carried out on the basis of as many as several slaves. The result
: Multiple false alarms due to installing components with readily handle the terrain in which they were installed.
Even more severe outcome is " numbing " the team manning the terminals focus for
In terms of delegate object disturbing. False alarms make it difficult for the staff manning diagnose Event
True real time.

Mobile team ( Rangers ) free
Powers by law and this figure also know burglars . Browser that is earned in
Minimum wage gets dozens of calls at night mostly false readings . When the browser reaches the site
Constitutes only informs as part of his duties under this authority to delay as every citizen
State felony . The question is whether the browser wants to confront criminals and to take
Double jeopardy and hurt one another injury that could cost him a lawsuit ended
Day ( excessive use of force , weapons , etc.). Scout patrol car equipped Yet
When receiving a call is no different from moving vehicle on the road as there is no authority to pass the
Red lights or turn his career stalled by activation measures ( eg siren ) .

As this depends on the type of equipment
And quality equipment …… it brings intruder . Electronic protection systems connected by
Line communication ( telephone line , net ) and / or through communication
Mobile ( cellular line , GPRS ) , or using a transmitter
Wireless ( UHF or Vhf ) .

Casual burglar will not mess injuries
And sophisticated adjustments for any purpose " sting " and run. Sophisticated break-ins rising
Equipment reliability problem . Phone line network communication can be a quick way to end the poles
Communication , distribution cabinets , etc.). Single cellular and wireless are transmitted to neutralize
Fast with frequency jammers can be achieved through the internet ( according prohibited devices
Ministry of Communications Act ) .

Disrupt operation simple . Disruptor works
Wide frequency spectrum and intensity exceeding the strength of communication units . Cellular units lose
The reception and transmission capabilities . Wireless transmitter units are blocked when the buffer is created between them and the
Antenna receivers focus. Low relative intensity of transmitters and therefore disruptor disruptor " mounting "
The transmitter and prevents the transfer of information at terminals stake.

GPRS communication method more effective methods enumerated even though it may be a blockage using
It disrupts . The big advantage of being the only two-way executive status checking one letter
Specified period of time ( several minutes ) and the absence of signal terminals open event focus .

Notwithstanding quite a few can be counted
Cases where the arrival Ranger prevent and / or reduce the damage breakthrough but it is clear to all that the ratio of prevention
Negligible in front of events crossed by burglars without calculating statistical cases in which
Explore attended the scene came while the burglars left the site since you can not drill the burglars
The reason for leaving.

To sum up , and when I came to decide
Need to points I would argue that in the situation today extremities marginal contribution regarding damages
Estimated in the billions wake of burglary, robbery , fire and spoilage of goods . The way to solve
Long effective yet simple -mindedness . Upgrade to focus companies with giving police powers to
Roles, conditioning the existence of connecting to focus alarm system standards and without false alarms (
U.S. customary to give a warning , a fine , and finally detachment .) As companies focus will have to collect
But it is much more direct relation to the service it could provide .

Prior to the 1977 field alarm systems
And operational center services was breached, any company could sell alarm systems and equipment
Protection , most installers were not experts in the field , causing numerous false alarms .

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