Security cameras today have become a consumer product fundamentally important Security cameras all have very important to know that the system does not come with a remote backup, and the system we had was stolen / broken disk we left without recording in real time is very important To save the recording server contact 072-2995533 Company servers maintain recordings, always stay 7 Recent marine UTM treated with seriousness and responsibility for backups After connecting percent higher than usual case is why we offer very cheap price ₪ 50 What do you get at 50 ₪monthly subscription and storage of seven days

Some of the trials our customers say after the case has not yet been connected to the backup services

Question: How do I restore the tape – Answer: There is no way

Question: Can you hook me up and return the material – Answer: we retain the material only after the opening of the subscription and not before so the answer is no

Question: Why not tell us about this possibility before – Answer: Wow, it is desirable to direct the technician to update the details if

Q: There is a commitment to serve – Answer: No Question: Is there a difference in price between the camera system of 4/16 channels – Answer: Yes price Weight Lifting files

Q: If I have 16 cameras in several different systems whether the price is still ₪ 50 – Answer: Not all system (dvr) monthly cost 50 ₪

Question: How will shoot me while I needed them – Answer: Vazmh Phone / Fax / Mail And passed through the disk in reaching self / E

Question: What is recommended for the benefit of DVR remote backup – Answer: at UTM communication and mops only recommend the company Frwizn systems (provision)

Q: If I do not have dvr provision I will not be a customer of the company? – Answer: The company will offer you a price with no profit to the replacement dvr

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