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House, Apartment is for burglary, quite often I reach for new apartments in private homes, the owners still have not installed an alarm system and got his break aggravation that arranging your home or business, invasion of privacy is incapacitating at valuables such as Tcshitim gifts undergoing family things that do not have Price, business
To absorb all the equipment back for sale in the meantime for potential clients and buyers go elsewhere

Thieves break into more easily into these apartments without difficulty and when they have something bothers such as an alarm system while the search for gold-silver Nkolii is very long, the mess in the apartment after the hacking is a huge sense of violation of privacy is difficult, according to Israeli police and the insurance companies every few minutes breached apartment in Israel

Possible and desirable to prevent the break-ins with Alarm System Intelligent prevent even before the intruder reaches the apartment, external detectors catch and discover the penetration Hhartah horns would keep the intruder and simultaneously activate the dialer to call the owner of the house and company focus if the client is connected, there are clients that are connected to the cameras Security alarm so that when they connect to the camera via the internet and watching what was going on even through
Computer work and through mobile technology is advancing Baadim large camera connection
PTZ will give a broader picture and control over all parts of the house, a combination of an alarm system and cameras
Overt and covert security they will provide protection to our better

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