Alarm systems

Hugh T. If communication in 1977 the Israel Police issued regulations for
Alarm, vehicles, and other qualities to reduce false alarms and for utilizing
Maximum alarm systems and obtaining optimum protection.

Private companies began to fortify business protection systems,
Security systems, security cameras and the like that are the strictest standards.

These companies have compiled their clients' operations center that works
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and festivals, giving a response reliable, efficient and professional
Business owners.

A few years ago there were companies that provide call center services
Operational police response was given during the alarm. From loads of police
Israel and the lack of a satisfactory response arose of giving a response in the event of an alarm business
And private homes.

Service centers were established today operate 24 hours a day
And reinforced by scouts that their role is to prevent burglaries and to minimize the damage.

Further course standards also set out the operational service centers with the purpose to improve the quality of service provided to customers while upgrading the technology and quality of service.

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